What we do

We will support you in reaching your business goals by providing expertise in Strategy, Digital and Creative & Video Solutions.



Branding Strategy & Implementation

We’ll pinpoint your target audience and create successful campaign strategies that generate ongoing results for you and your business from strategy to implementation.


social media Marketing

Every brand has a story to tell. It’s our mission to support you to create the right social media experience. Target the right customers online.



Building a strong data dashboard helps us to measure the success of your social media channels. We make sure to share valuable insights about all your channels and platforms.



Every brand has a story to tell. It’s our mission to help you project your online visibility and achieve better ROI over your competitors. Together we will find the right keywords to sponsor online.



We have valuable knowledge of how social media has a direct impact on your business sales, which is why our training sessions teach you winning strategies that generate real results.



Optimize your website content and check your website analtyics will support you to get drive more traffic and potential leads.


website analytics

We support you in measuring the traffic on and to your website and getting some more information about the visitors on your website and their online behaviour.


Search optimisation

Google search marketing is fundamental to your business success, to improve SEO rankings, generate relevant traffic and strengthen online Global visibility.


User experience (UX)

Curgoal’s tailored UX service, and create a brand reputation that speaks for itself. The right experience on your website is key to achieve your business goals.


customer journey


experience strategy

The perfect customer experience is not a one-size-fits-all strategy.  We’ll help tailor a CX framework that enhances your relationship between customer and digital.


journey mapping

We’ll manage your complete customer journey mapping process and check out all the online touchpoints so everything is in order on your online channels

Social media and digital marketing are not about hits, likes or follows. They are about people. People buy from people they trust. Humanize your brand and connect with the customer within.
– Chantalle Janclaes
Curgoal.com - Digital Marketing Agency


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