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The brief

Together with Curgoal Digital Marketing, Fibrant organised its very first Virtual Town Hall Meeting. We created a series of video vlogs, a countdown clock and highlight video to be shown during the livestream as well as a number of visuals that were seen live on location. Apart from delivering content for the Virtual Town Hall Livestream, Curgoal also provided Fibrant with a suitable studio (and corresponding arrangements) together with providing our client with a number of livestream platform options to stream from.

What we did

Virtual Event
Video Vlogs
Highlight Video
Animated Video

The brief

Fibrant needed guidance in creating a solid online landscape with the right touch points and proper and clear connections between their website and Google. We consulted in the right advice to create this landscape and set up an extended data dashboard for both their websites. We made sure that everything was up to date and up & running.

What we did

Digital Touch points
Google My Business
Google Extensions

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